Minimise idle time

Give EV Drivers the right incentive to leave quickly after charging, so your Charge Point is available for the next customer.

More Benefits

PowerGoodies enables direct communication with EV Drivers, even those from a different MSP

When to Charge

Your electricity prices may vary throughout the week and throughout the day. Incentivise EV Drivers to charge at your Charge Points when your margins are high. Link EPEX Spot prices to your Rewards Program to ensure optimising your profits. If solar is a big part of your electricity mix, reward customers to charge when the sun is out!

Where to Charge

Send Push Notifications to EV Drivers to promote your new locations. Research has proven that EV Drivers are using the same CPs out of habit, while new ones might be better suited for them!

Enable Smart Charging

Most company car drivers don’t care about the cost saving of Smart Charging, the electricity bill goes to the company fleet manager. However, when EV drivers receive PowerGoodies rewards, they really want to participate in Smart Charging!

Operations Messaging

In case of maintenance to a Charge Point or another technical issue, you can communicate directly with affected EV Drivers, and even ask them for information or pictures of your Charge Point.

DC Charging Queue Management

Fast Charging from 80 to 100% takes about as much time as charging from 20 to 80%. If there is a queue at your Fast Charging station, we can incentive EV Drivers to leave with 80% SoC and even tell them which of your Fast Chargers they should use next if they are on a long trip.

Competitive Advantage

When EV Drivers have a choice, they will select the Charge Points that offer rewards, just like they were used to when they were driving an ICE car!

iOS and Android

PowerGoodies offers both an Android Phone and an iPhone version of the PowerGoodies App. Your customers will have a fun way to collect as many points as they want and to redeem those points for real products and services!

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